The Hostel

Our facilities

With an area of ​​over 550 m2 distributed in two floors, the Camino Francés Hostel consists of a large entrance hall, a beautiful outdoor patio, a bar-cafeteria with annexed restaurant, a double bedroom with 2 beds and a bathroom, a general dormitory for 12 people with double bunk beds, large men and women bathrooms, room for relaxing and reading, hallways and other common areas.

Installations of the Camino Francés Hostel

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Note that all our facilities are brand-new (opened on April, 2014), all the rooms have a heating system, showers have domestic hot water, there are TVs in the bar-cafeteria, in the double bedroom and in the relaxing and reading room, there is an first-aid kit, etc.

Pilgrims visiting the Camino Francés Hostel, can enter directly through the hall to the patio (large door) or through the bar-cafeteria (small door). The first thing pilgrims who enter through the hall can do, is to remove footwear and store in a common shoerack, so that your feet feel relieved. If you arrive by bike, you can temporarily leave it in our patio until we indicate the appropriate place. Once inside our facilities, our staff inform you to check in, if you want to spend the night. For those pilgrims who previously made ​​a reservation by phone, email or via web, everything will be faster and easier. Then, you can leave your belongings into wardrobes of the dormitory and later, you can take a relaxing shower. When you want to recharge energy, please go to the bar-cafeteria located on the ground floor. You can get access directly from the patio of the Hostel, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and share experiences with other pilgrims. In the relaxing and reading room, you can also chat with other people, read a book, surf the Internet, play cards, etc. Pilgrims can use all the public rooms of the Hostel. If you prefer, you can go along the village and visit, for example, the Church with its impressive main altar and carvings.

Our services

The Camino Francés Hostel offers those pilgrims who visit us all basic services, such as sleeping overnight on the individual beds or the bunk beds, having breakfast, lunch or dinner and quenching your thirst in the bar-cafeteria or just relaxing a moment in our welcoming patio.

Additionally, pilgrims can wash your clothes using the washing-machine or they can do it themselves using a traditional laundry placed in the patio. We have portable clotheslines to dry your garments naturally, exposed to the sun, but if the day is cloudy the dryer may be used.

The Hostel provides free WIFI network in all rooms so that pilgrims can keep in touch with their family and friends, check email, read the last news, etc. If you want to use your mobile phone, you should know that mobile coverage is regular in the zone of the Hostel, but it depends on the phone company which provides service.

Other services which can be found in the village of Santibañez de Valdeiglesias are primary health care every Tuesday (10:00-12:00) and Thursday (12:00-14:00) and subsequent medicine delivery, home delivery of bread and other basic foods (meat, fish and fruit), etc.

For any special service (bicycle reparation, ATM, farm for horses or dogs, etc.), please ask for help to our staff in the Hostel and they will tell you kindly.

Obviously, we have the official stamp of the Way of St. James in the Camino Francés Hostel. Remember, you request it when you check in.

More information about Camino Francés Hostel services can be found in this link.

Our prices

As a reference, we list the prices of the most usual services offered in our Hostel:

General dormitory (bunk beds): 8.50 € per person and night

Double bedroom with bathroom (2 people): 35 € per night

Lunch and dinner: 9.50 € (daily menu)

Breakfast: around 1.20 € (large coffee with milk)

Washer or dryer use: 2 €

Wifi: Free

The prices of any other service will be indicated in our Hostel. If you require any special diet, please tell our staff in the bar-cafeteria and they will handle your request.

People groups, please contact us in advance.

Hostel opening/closing periods

We would like to inform pilgrims that the Camino Francés Hostel remains opening the following dates and times:

Months of the Year: From March to October (both inclusive)

Weekdays: From Monday to Sunday

Opening hour: 7:00 am

Closing hour: 9:30 pm